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Welcome to Ultra-Dynamics Pty Ltd a leader in process control measurement solutions.


Specialising in process control measurement equipment for power generation, minerals processing and manufacturing industries.

Ultra-Dynamics Pty Ltd seeks out innovative technical solutions to the problems facing industry in today’s increasingly competitive business environment. We strongly believe in the maxim that “if you can’t measure it you can’t control it”.  All our products are intended to improve process efficiency and hence minimise production costs.


Summary of Process Control Measurement Technique Applications:


Minerals Processing Plants eg Magnetite, Haematite, Coal, Gold, Diamond, Quarries, Sugar Mills, Brick Works, Coal Ports etc.


On-Line Microwave Moisture Monitor

Direct On-Conveyor and In Bin Applications


MAGNASAT Magnetic Susceptibility Meter

Including magnetite, haematite ferrosilicon measurement.

  • Bench Top – laboratory analysis, iron ore, magnetite, ferrosilicon, diamonds.
  • Drill Core – geological diamond drill core analysis of magnetic susceptibility.
  • Bulk Sample – RC Chip analysis directly out in the field.
  • Magnetite Loss Meter – Coal Plants.



Non Nuclear On-Pipe Density Gauge – Correct medium circuit for coal plants, iron ore, magnetite, ferrosilicon and diamond processing plants.


ultraWEIGH Beltscale

Low Cost, Easy Installation, Remote Access.


Inflo Resometric Beltscale

Ultimate precision without the use of load cells.



Power Industry


Pulverised Fuel (PF) Mass Flow

direct measurement in burner pipes.


Unburned Carbon in Ash (UBC)

microwave based technology designed to be installed into the dense phase of the ash collection system.


Gas Flow Measurement (McOnAir)

measurement direct in ductwork, pipes etc.


Steam Leak Detection

T96 Acoustic and Structure Borne Sensors






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