Sensonics Sentry G3 Condition Monitoring Sensors

Press Release


Condition Monitoring Sensors

Now Available in Australia


Ultra-Dynamics Pty Ltd is pleased to announce that the Sensonics Sentry G3 Condition Monitoring system is now available in Australia.

This condition monitoring sensor technology is applicable to all critical rotating plant and has been supplied to a wide range of industries including oil, gas, coal fired power plants, nuclear and hydroelectric
The Sentry G3 system provides continuous monitoring of
important condition monitoring measurements including:

• Shaft Relative Vibration
• Casing Absolute Vibration
• Shaft Absolute Vibration
• Thrust/ Axial Measurement
• Casing Expansion
• Valve Position Measurement
• Differential Expansion
• Rotor Expansion
• Eccentricity
• Phase Reference Signal
• Speed, Over-speed, Zero Speed
• Reverse Rotation, Rotor Acc.
• Rod-drop (Recips)
• Temperature
• Rotor/ Stator Air-Gap
• Process Data (4-20 mA etc.)

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