Inflo Resometric Beltscale


Ultra-Dynamics Pty Ltd Appointed to Supply Procon Inflo Resometric Belt Weigher Agency


Procon’ s Inflo Resometric Belt Weighers provide a unique combination of features that ensure the key factors influencing belt scale performance are maintained in service over long periods.  At the heart of the scale is the Digital Resometric Force Transducer or Resonator which provides unequalled levels of measurement performance that are repeatable for many years.  The Resonator has no moving parts and is pre-loaded to a standard level by the applied force from the weigh carriage.  The resonant frequency changes in proportion to applied load passing over the carriage rollers. This change in frequency is processed by the electronics and combined with the belt travel speed (as measured by the Tachometer) to provide an accurate weight reading per unit time.


Periodic calibration checks can be carried out simply and expediently by utilising the roll-over calibration weights. These dead weights are normally ‘parked’ across the conveyor stringers and then lowered by a cam mechanism to carry out calibration.


As well as being used in applications where “trade” precision is required such as custody transfer applications, the Procon Inflo Belt Weighers are also used extensively on mobile equipment such as ship unloaders and stacker/reclaimers.  In these applications, belt weighers are subjected to constantly changing angles of operation which would normally introduce significant cosine weighing errors due to the apparent change in the suspended weigh carriage mass.  Procon’s proprietary technology has been developed to overcome these problems.







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