Bench Top System

MAGNASAT Magnetic Susceptibility  Meter




MAGNASAT is a bench top system designed for the measurement of the magnetic properties of small samples of material.  The system is easy to use and provides a result within a matter of seconds.  Sample preparation typically requires crushing the sample to <2mm.



Bench Top System


Applications include:

  • Mining industries, diamonds, iron ore etc
  • Archaeological investigations
  • Minerals sands
  • Hydrology and sedimentation
  • Dense media (magnetite, ferro. etc)
  • Pollution studies
  • Jigging plants for metal recovery
  • Building Materials analysis
  • Geological field mapping
  • University research
  • Stone, soil and vegetation analysis
  • Etc etc





Features and Benefits

Easy to use, compact PC controlled operation no need for highly qualified labour
State of the art electronics ultimate precision of <1 x 10-7
Measurement of absolute and quadrature magnetic susceptibility result reported as m3/kg x 10-7
Multi-frequency capability (200Hz to 100kHz) allows frequency dependency research
Field intensity variation allows field intensity research
PC program industry standard SCADA package easily adapted by user
Data stored in Excel compatible format optimal data usage
Up to 4x competitor sample size unparalleled sampling representation






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