Promecon Airflow Measurement


MECONTROL AIR – Air Flow Measurement System


System Technology

 MECONTROL Air determines the absolute velocity of air or flue gas directly in pipes or ducts, even under extreme operating conditions such as high temperature as well as in high dust atmospheres.   The velocity measurement is performed by a pair of sensors aligned parallel to the longitudinal axis of the pipe.  A cross correlation technique is used to measure the time shift of matching signals.  By using the cross sectional area of the duct as well as the temperature and pressure information the gas STP-volume flow can be calculated on line.   The MECONTROL Air measurement is also designed to replace existing Venturi or other differential pressure systems because of its maintenance-free construction and the advantage of installation without any additional provisions and reconstruction measures. Most importantly: it does not need any reference measurement to be calibrated.


A Picture Showing the Two Sensors Installed in a Duct


    • The system is well suited to application in the following plants:

• Cement

• Metallurgical Processing, eg copper, zinc etc

• Iron ore

• Steelworks

Competitive Benefits

The Mecontrol AIR system offers the following advantages:

• Absolute measurement across a representative cross section of the air/gas duct.

• Unaffected by the flow pattern and type of the gaseous fluid.

• Easy on line calibration without reference measurement (e.g. no Pitot tube).

• Accuracy unaffected by dust content or fouling effects.

• High sensor endurance, designed to operate under high temperatures and pressures.

• Simple sensor installation and replacement does not require recalibration.

• IPC/PLC based system provides high reliability and optional integration into the plant DCS.






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