Promecon PF Mass Flow and Particle Size Management


Mecontrol COAL On-Line Mass Flow, Velocity and Particle Size Measurement System




On Line Pf-Flow Measurement MECONTROL Coal determines the absolute coal mass flow in burner pipes and the distribution of pulverised fuels from the coal mill to the burners.  The density and transport velocity of the coal is independently measured within each measurement cycle.  The concentration and velocity measurement are performed by a pair of sensors aligned parallel to the longitudinal axis of the pipe.

A separate sensor provides an on-line particle size distribution measurement.

MECONTROL PSA – Coal is based on an advanced microwave technology which although rugged still provides high accuracy. The microwave signal is transmitted to the individual pipe sensor pairs.  In various configurations the measuring cabinet can monitor up to 32 pipes. Important plant data, such as feeder signal can be recorded and processed by the system for optimization purposes.



System Competitive Benefits

The Mecontrol PSA – COAL system offers the following advantages:

• Absolute measurement across the total cross section of the fuel pipe.

• Unaffected by roping or density fluctuations within the pipe.

• Easy on line calibration without reference measurement (isokinetic measurement).

• Accuracy unaffected by fuel grading.

• High sensor durability.

• Simple sensor installation and replacement does not require recalibration.

• >PLC based system provides high reliability and full integration to the plant DCS.



Unbalanced coal distribution contributes to combustion inefficiency.  MECONTROL Coal can be utilised for on line analysis of process and control variations within the combustion process.  Use of the technology can improve the CO and also O2 stratification by use of coal flow signals for on line control of the secondary air.  This allows optimisation of boiler efficiency and reduces combustion problems.




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