Promecon Unburned Carbon In Ash


On-Line Unburned Carbon in Ash Measurement System


System Technology

The Mecontrol UBC on-line unburned carbon in ash monitor is a microwave based technology designed to be installed into the dense phase of the ash collection system.  The system is robust and reliable and offers proven results for the certification of fly ash prior to sale as well as optimisation of boiler performance.




Competitive Benefits


The system offers the following advantages:


• On line measurement ie 5-10 min system update time

• Independent from the coal type, only one calibration necessary.

• High accuracy in comparison with lab data.

• Provides direct input variable for the process control (e.g. classifier speed) and combustion optimization.

• Proven as a reliable instrument for the certification of fly ash.

• Ideal for the use with Low NOx burners.

• Can be operated in a variety of operating modes to suit almost any ash collection configuration and operation.

• Manual or optional automated sample collection provides ash samples for off line lab analysis.





 Application – Ash Quality Control

MECONTROL UBC has proven its suitability as a reliable UBC analyser in the direct comparison to analysis data of certified laboratories. The measuring system has a high accuracy in a broad measuring range and is independent of variations in coal type. It provides an ideal tool to monitor the quality of fly ash in order to maximize fly ash sales and minimize disposal as well.

 Application – Boiler Optimization

For example, classifier adjustment or changes in the or binary signals capabilities. secondary air will be observed as changes in the UBC levels.  By utilising the UBC feedback signal, plant operators can increase combustion performance,achieve NOx reduction, lower UBC and improve boiler efficiency.







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