ULTRAMAX Technique of Dynamic Optimisation


The ULTRAMAX Technology

ULTRAMAX is a unique dynamic optimisation technology which provides the vehicle for the user to obtain the best performance from their plant utilising existing equipment.  The technology employs sophisticated software which has been refined over 25 years of operation to provide fast results with minimal plant personnel input.

Basic Function and Benefits

Ultramax® is an Industrial Engineering, independent, Macro-Supervisory-Control system to achieve better operating performance than most people can manage with their existing Process Control System (PCS), even those with Advanced Process Control (APC).  Improvements are evaluated according to any set of performance metrics defined by the user.  It is applicable when the performance metrics are measurable during or shortly after production.

If it can be measured, it can be optimized. ™


Ultramax is, simply, a solution with an analytic logic or intelligence – or guide — that learns how to do better as it accumulates experience.  The user defines what “better” is: the objectives and its metrics, which can be dynamic.

Now, given the objectives (and important uncontrolled conditions, if any) there is an optimal set of process adjustments decisions (technical management) which will maximize overall operating performance.

You set the objectives, and Ultramax learns to adjust the process to best fulfil those objectives.


Typical ULTRAMAX Decision Diagram




Ultramax Advanced Process Management™, the next level of process improvements.



Typical ULTRAMAX Optimisation Cycle







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