Competitive Benefits of the Microwave Technology

ultraMOIST™ On-Line Microwave Moisture Monitor


Techniques Available for Moisture Measurement

There are a number of technologies that have been used for the moisture measurement including:

•        Microwave Transmission

•        Near Infra Red (NIR)

•        Capacitance

•        Conductivity

Of these, near infra red and microwave transmission techniques have probably been the most widely adopted.  This is because the limitations of the other technologies preclude their use in a number of applications.  Of these two technologies, the microwave transmission technique has significantly fewer limitations compared to NIR:


Competitive Advantages Compared to Near Infra Red Technology:


Potential Limitation


Near Infra Red

Vertical segregation Unaffected – beam penetrates full bed of material Reflectance technique from surface molecules only
Sample presentation Unaffected by position of material Distance of material surface to receiver important
Colour Unaffected Significant effect
Ambient lighting Unaffected Requires shielding
Wear No moving parts Mechanical filter system
Presence of steam Unaffected Can cause interference
Dirty atmosphere IP65 enclosures Window requires to be kept clean


Because of these strong competitive advantages the microwave transmission technique has been successfully applied to a wide range of industries including; mining, ports, minerals processing, timber, grain, gold mining, fertiliser, sugar, quarries.




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